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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

School Pictures

Miss Lila Dreolan- Third Grade

Sam Fin- First Grade

Duncan William- Kindergarten

Click on any of them and they will biggify. We are delighted at how well the photos turned out this year- it is always a bit of a gamble! One of our summer community members augmented everyones picture package with extras- the combined portraits above were extra in our package and we are so thankful to them. People that couldn't afford to buy ANY photos of their children were gifted with portraits from these kind people. They live here in the summer and downstate in the winter and evidently were so excited for our community to have our school back in the form of a charter that they did this kind and generous deed.
Saturday we will be having a barn raising party! The posts and beams for the frame are all tenoned and mortised and ready to assemble. Will is busy making 1x12 inch pegs to pin it all together. I will take photos and post them asap.

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