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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ramps (or Leeks) for Mother's Day

Found this sweet Ramp Pixie in the woods today as we went gathering ramps, or wild leeks, in the woods today.

We gathered a bucket full and then just as the serious work needed to be done,, the rest of the gatherers disappeared! After cleaning the dirt and old layers off the bulb end I separated the leaves from the bulbs. The bulbs were pickled in a white vinegar and sugar brine with some tarragon thrown in. We picked enough for 3 pints.

Chopped a bunch of leaves and got a couple of pints of beef broth out of the freezer and whipped up a leek soup with sweet potato, one small russet, and some celery for tomorrow's supper which will be h ad with a crusty sourdough loaf. Tonight's supper is a Will special- chicken tikka masala with roasted sweet potato, rutabaga and russet Indian spiced fries. Yumm!


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