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Sunday, January 4, 2015


Today is the last day of winter break for the kids.....and Manistique Area Schools and many others is declaring tomorrow a snow day already. Duncan is hoping Three Lakes goes the same route. Yes, that means we are getting more of the white stuff and the wind has been howling.

I was supposed to take delivery on these today:

But they couldn't get here because of the weather! Eleven French Angora bunnies- two adults and nine 10 week old kits. I'm planning to keep a few and find homes for the rest....I've found homes for at least four already. I spent the past couple of days cleaning out the empty hutches and rearranging a few so they are ready to go. There are a few English Angoras out there that need haircuts but we are in for a week of weather where predicted the high temp is 12 degrees; too cold for haircuts. They will have to wait until the weather warms up into the twenties anyway. The new bunnies will be here sometime this week.

I had hopes of changing sheep coats this weekend but it didn't quite happen. I did get out to visit with the oops/July lambs for awhile and took some pictures. Most of them are of the sheep in your face variety, but the shy ones had a few good pics.

Rosebank is the lovely Emsket (blue-grey) ewe lamb born to Deja. Her brother Daftmill (remember we named them after single malt Scotch!) is quite friendly, though, a little, well...daft. I've been calling him Daft Wullie and it seems to fit! (Daft Wullie is a Nac Mac Feegle; if you don't know who the Nac Mac Feegle are, you need to find out straightaway!).

Rosebank WANTS me to pet can see it in her face.

"Bring out the cookies, then we'll talk!"



  1. I keep toying with the idea of a bunny...but probably don't need one. more. thing. to. worry. about.

  2. I want one of the rabbits! The center light colored one in the middle of the branch. LOL They are so cute. I'm down to 2 French and 3 Satin Angoras. 1 Holland, 1 Polish, 2 New Zealands, 1 ND, 1 Mini Rex-all rescues. None of my woolers produces much quality wool anymore because they are all so old.