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Monday, December 1, 2014

"Dickson" is done!

Finished Dickson over the long Thanksgiving weekend downstate (actually bound off this morning!) and after giving her a quick steam tried her on before heading into work.

I'm quite pleased with how the cabling turned out and with the skirt in general. (Stand up straight next time!) Knitting this was a lot of fun and the only dull part was the ribbing!

At Sara's recommendation I went down a needle size for the waist ribbing and shortened that portion by almost two inches. I think if I were to do it again, I'd go down yet another needle size because once the skirt is on and the ribbing stretches it seems like it could get a bit droopy. I've only worn it for five minutes so will be able to tell more once it is on for a day or evening. I do not have a skinny waist so it seems like those with a more svelte figure could have an issue with waist baggi-ness.

Will be taking a brief interlude from knitting to do some more production spinning. I've been having take up issues with my wheel and I think it is related to how high my maiden was cranked when I put the new drive band on. I need to cut off the old drive band and crank her down and tie on a new one to see if that fixes the issue. Spinning can be frustrating if your wheel doesn't take in your spun fiber!



  1. The skirt is beautiful. Love the cables. You look fabulous in it!
    Have to admit the last paragraph was out of my league. Maybe someday I'll understand what all those words mean. :)