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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's B-aaa-c-k.....


When Caol Ila and I had our picture taken last week, it was a cool but gloriously sunny day....

Now we have five or so inches of this crusty, crunchy white stuff. We lost power around seven last night but it came on around five this morning which was pleasant. This years lambs seem a bit confused and dismayed by the snow but are quickly adapting, because what else are they going to do? I, on the other hand, feel like rebelling already and it just started....not a good sign.

So while the weather isn't overly pleasant, spending time indoors will be pleasantly productive. Spinning;

And knitting my first skirt. A saucy little cabled number called "Dickson".

I'm in love with it already! She is being knit up in Shepherd's Wool worsted weight merino on the color way Granite. Completion goal is my birthday. 70 rows to go! I think I can do it because it is complicated enough to make it fun but not so complicated to make it frustrating. :)



  1. NICE SKIRT! I made Lanesplitter and always get compliments on it.

  2. Oh my, knitting a skirt! I've never even thought of that, how fun! It looks so cozy and comfy for winter and I'm actually spinning up some worsted browns at the moment. I think I'll try this too, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. The pattern is available on Ravelry as a download. It is Dickson by cable goddess Norah Gaughan. I took Sarapomegranite 's advice and went down a needle size for the waist ribbing (size 5 instead of 6) and shortened that part and inch or two. It is a really fun piece to knit. I was intimidated by the chart at first but we are friends now. :). I feel a little obsessed by it at the moment!

  3. Heavens! I did learn basic knitting when I was small (my sister insisted on teaching me), but I never learned how to turn round at the end of a row. Maybe that was a good thing!!!

  4. It looks way beyond my meager abilities. But fun!
    My condolences on the white stuff. We've had dustings and about 3 inches this morning in Evart. Now that I'm back in the metro area it still resembles fall. Guess I should enjoy the contrast while I can.