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Thursday, February 13, 2014

July Surprise?

We have our Shetland breeding group in the front pen, same as in years past. All has been well and Muckle Mull has his three girls and two additional ewes that are already bred in with him. He has had a roving eye though and has been ocularly fondling the ewes on the other side of the fence.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I was in the main barn feeding the larger group of sheep and the camelids when I looked down and saw Mull gazing up at me with innocent eyes and what I swear was a smirk....he meekly followed me and a bucket of oats back to the breeding pen, where I fixed up where I THOUGHT he was going over with a couple of panels. Seemed to work and he stayed in there all day. This morning, however, he was back in the other pen! Grrrrrr. I picked him up and put him back over the fence (he weighs about 45 pounds and the fence is only sticking out of the deep snow about two feet). He laughed, I swear. I put more panels up.

Mr. Muckle Mull may have spent two entire nights in with the ewes I wasn't planning to breed. He may have been successful at seducing some receptive females with his flashy good looks and come hither eyes. Sheep have a 145 day gestation period so I've marked early July as possible lambing dates on the least they won't freeze!