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Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm not complaining....

I'm not going to bore everyone with dire weather reports, because we're pretty much all in the same boat.

That said; it is eight degrees below zero with a -31 degree wind chill.

We are toasty warm inside and I hope the wooly beasts are warn enough without. They do have good bedding, warm fiber, and strength in numbers. These are the kind of conditions that sort out the weak from the strong though. But enough. I did get out to visit and snap some photos yesterday.

My beautiful Fancy Pants.
She is nine years old and is going to break my heart someday.

Fancy and Foula


Muckle Mull and his ewes

Sweet, shy Maya

I think it is the little tilt of the head that steals my heart.

Nala and Deja

Daisy is not missing out on groceries! She is half shetland and half cormo bred to Mull for lushly wooled late April when it will hopefully be warm again.




  1. I had to move all our rabbits into the garage. The wind chill was 37 below. Too drafty in the rabbitry. The angoras would have been alright but the short furred ones probably would have frozen.

  2. Dear Sherry,
    It is already a balmy 24 here. We will pay for the warmth with freezing rain turning to rain sometime tomorrow. Heavy rains later in the day. I would like to keep the snow that is insulating my home. Sunday is supposed to be above freezing followed by a few warm days with midweek returning to seasonal temps but not Arctic ones. I hope you will find the same relief. I worry from afar about your furkins. I hope that helps heat the barn.
    love to all,

  3. I'm a bit late! Love their coats (both natural and not). Very warm winter here so far.... no doubt our time will come!