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Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet "B.o.B"

Wintertime B.o.B is a fine fleeced Shetland ram belonging to Karen Valley and Meghan Namaste.
He will be coming to our farm this November to hang out with four of our finer fleeced Shetland Ewe's to make some fine fleeced lambs. 
This is why he is coming!  He has such lovely fine lock structure.  He is going to make some lovely babies.  He will be paired up with Elle (black gulmoget), Deja (solid black), Zanzibar (musket) and Gaia (moorit gulmoget).  I'm hoping for some more fine fleeced black sheep, and I think I'm going to get them with this fella around!

We had a fine morning hanging out with Karen, Meghan and all of her woolies too!


  1. He's going to have a fun winter. (-; In all serious though he is a very nice looking ram.

  2. Just doing a little catching up on blog reading tonight. What a stunning ram, and an especially stunning fleece. I do hope the resulting lambs will all have that delightful crimp. What a stunning group that would be!

    1. me thinks that you may be useful with giving me a few tips about my new ewes!!!!

  3. Oh my, what a handsome boy. Can't wait to see the lambs. That is going to be wonderful wool! We raised 20 alpacas, almost all girls. I'm now viewing the world through bags of dreamy wool. Would be happy for any spinner drive-bys. (So,Cal)This wool needs to be used ... and I'm "spun out".