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Monday, November 7, 2011

First Spinning Lesson

Duncan has been pestering  persistently asking me to teach him how to spin.  So, I brought out the Ashford Traditional (Josie is her name) and let him go.

Note my wonderful spinning posture...NOT!  I wish my mother would have nagged me more about sitting up straight.  Here Duncan takes instruction about drafting.

"Hey Look-I'm doing it!"

Closeup hand shots...lessons in holding your hands apart....

More drafting...(Nice slubs!)

Getting a little fine there!  Definitely getting the concept of drafting down.

I love those wee chubby hands.  They are quickly turning to small boy hands, which will quickly turn into big boy hands, and then man hands....sigh.

Proud of his accomplishment.  I need to figure out a way to use it for him.  Lila has a bit on there at the beginning as well.


  1. Great job! My spinning guild in Iowa had some super-fine male spinners who were always showing off with their fab sock yarns. Duncan is well on his way!

  2. Yeah cute he looks when pleased with himself. On the post below this one I have one comment: naughty naughty Hedwig, but so smart to take advantage of nesting in a soft warm pile of roaming.