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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holy Wah!

Holy Wah! = Yooper Expletive meaning, "Holy S_ _ t!"  Click HERE for a Yooper dictionary to interpret the natives.

Ya Hey- it was 18 below Zero this morning when we woke up!  Not much warmer when we did chores either exchanging popsicles for water bottles so the bunnies could drink.  Cold days like this you can almost see the ice forming a skim on the surface of the water before it even hits the bowl....this means bunnies get a bit more attention having their water changed more often.  Grups and kids alike haven't spent much quality time outside other than chores.  Fortunately the sun has decided to shine on us the past couple of days which helps a bit.  The furnace is going full bore, and this drafty log house only warms up to 63 degrees.  Thank goodness for the wood furnace- we'd never be able to afford to heat this beast with propane.  Weather forecast is for up to a foot of Lake Effect snow tonight.  Did I do my timekeeping before I left work on Friday??? No.

Spent part of yesterday carding and spinning some white Shetland/mohair  mix.  Lovely stuff.  Also boxed up the last of the gray Shetland and Angora roving- happy to have sold every ounce but a little sad it isn't in my stash anymore!  I had planned to spin some up for myself and weave a triangle shawl but alas...not to be this spring!  This year after shearing I think I'll commit both Fancy and Chunk's fleece to be combined with angora- that will give me about ten pounds of roving instead of five.  If I ever get back my llama from Zeilengers (Three months to dehair?) I think I'll make some spinning batts of Shetland brown (Liz and Beltane) and Igraine's lovely soft fiber.  Her fiber feels as soft as alpaca, just longer and with less crimp.  What to do with white this year?  I could have roving made with angora, pygora or Pikachu's lovely llama many decisions!  :) Happy ones...Yoo Betcha.

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  1. You have sent these temps to us. Berlin is suppose to be -30º tonight. A mere -15ø here. Your fibers stories as so wonderful... makes me want to spin but I cannot take in anything new unless I make room for it... sigh.

    Leta, Emily and I are warm near the wood stove.