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Friday, July 16, 2010


Usually when I go out to the pasture to spend time with the woolies I am completely inundated by sheep, llamas and now goats who want pats.  These girls were so into their grass duties that I was completely ignored, even though I called and cajoled....all 12 sheep and 2 goats are in this photo.
"You know lady, if you would have bothered to bring cookies maybe someone would come visit you".
Er, sorry Tea- you are absolutely right.
Amy could use some cookies.  She is the only woolie here not in the best condition.  She is thin and has been wormed a few times with different concoctions but still doesn't put on weight.  I try to sneak her some oats through the fence every couple of days which generally causes quite a commotion amongst the gang.  If anyone has any ideas about how to get some weight on her I'd be happy to hear them.  She is just the sweetest sheep...


  1. I have a couple of Shetlands that seem to just be naturally slender. They never gain an ounce if they are still nursing lambs. And even at their best they resemble Holstein cows rather than Herefords. I've done all the wormer stuff too and it doesn't seem to be parasite related...just the way they are.

    If you do separate her out for an extra snack, you could put some molasses in her feed for extra calories. This is not scientific, just my way...but when I try to feed an extra snack like that, I try to mix as many different grains as possible: like corn/oats/sunflower seeds/alfala/molasses. Hoping to cover as many nutritional areas as I can. But like I said, that is not scientific.

  2. Thank you Sabrina- I'll try the mix with Molasses...she'll love it! :) I'm not necessarily concerned that it be scientific (though I am a scientist by trade)- only that it works! :)