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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet Ginger

This is Ginger. He is a stray cat that the nice lady next door was feeding so he wouldn't starve to death over the winter. So far, he has endured several sub-zero days and nights. His big foot pads have peeling blisters on them but have healthy skin underneath. Ginger is part of our family now.
His lovely long fur is full of matts; under the chin, on either side of his face, on his back, on his shoulders.... He doesn't really appreciate having them removed either, though he knows his fur will grow back long and luxurious. I have to get in snips with the scissors when I can.
He DOES appreciate pats; lots of them and often. Chin scratches are nice too he says. He squints when he is happy and has a rumbly purr. He says he likes being inside with people and he rubs his head on the dogs....Hedwig says he is just a dumb half grown kitten and doesn't know any better. Ginger thinks cats can walk all over the counter and that having rabbits in the house is funny (okay, he may be right there).
Ginger is very appreciative of the solitary goldfish in the tank next to the cats food bowl. He says the placement of said tank was very thoughful. Hedwig told him it was merely convenient as there really was no other place to put the fish tank. Oh and by the way, did Mom tell you she made an appointment with the V-E-T to have you neutered and get a rabies shot?
Don't worry, she'll get over it in time Ginger.

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