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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Surprises on the last day of August

Two days ago, i discovered one of our cross breed hans (hatched here from our speckled sussex hen and buff orpington roo) nestled into the hillside sitting on a clutch of eggs. I assumed they wouldnt hatch because some were half buried in the sand and others on the edge were cooler than those in the center.

Chores started as usual this morning, but quickly ended up being a bit altered due to...

....finding a hen parading around with twelve chicks!

Fortunately I ended up outside before Ginger cat saw them. Will and I set up the chicken tractor and scooped them up into their new home space. Then I went out to see how many eggs were left in the nest and to clean up the nest and found....

The same hen sitting on her clutch of eggs. of this hens siblings had a secret nest somewhere else, and by the looks of the chicks many other hens contributed to the clutch.

The rooster is mostly Auracana so we could have some interesting colored eggs. :). And...potentially more chicks from the other hen still sitting on eggs. We also recently traded 18 old hens (plus some cash) for 18 pullets who will start laying at the end of September. We should have plenty of eggs for farmers market next summer. It is fun to have peeps even if they are unplanned. :)


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am so in love with this Cat.
I think she looks a little bit like a caterpillar in this picture from the angle! That is her squinty purr face.
Snickers the rescue cat who came to us very much pregnant and so very tiny. After being fixed she has put on a bit of weight and now is happy and healthy. She breaks out into loud rumbley purrs if you so much as look at her and loves pats and belly rubs. She isn't quite a lap cat yet, but we are working on it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I hate baling twine

Sadly, our dear beautiful Elle walked on this morning.

She was able to get under the doors in the lean to to nibble on the hay stored there and had managed to work loose some of the dreaded baling twine which she managed to catch around her neck. Will found her dead this morning with her sweet lamb Islay inconsolable by her side.

I hate baling twine. The door will be further blocked so this tragedy doesn't repeat itself, but we've lost a good friend and a wonderful breeding ewe. Elle came to us as a pregnant ewe from my friend Karen and she was the first ewe to lamb here. She gave us Gaia, Mousa, Faola, Inchgowan, and Islay. She was a wonderful mother.

We will treasure the lambs she gave us and miss her fiercely.



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sam's Wisdom

"Sam, do you want to take some pictures?"


"Mom, they aren't very good pictures because of the light."

" I do think though that people will know that you love sheep.

You are a sheep whisperer aren't you?"

(I love you Sam Fin!)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fare thee well

Just got home from New England and the day has been rather rainy. A good day to put away all the trip accumulated stuff and watch a few Poirot movies (The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The ABC Murders). Had a visit with the woolies and all is well in their world, with the exception of Pikachu the white llama. She has two bad rear knees that pop and grind at the best of times (surgery is majorly cost prohibitive), and now is only using one back leg which can't feel very good on the other leg. I can't ask much more of her I don't think.

Feeling rather melancholy too at the passing of a great man. I first met Robin Williams as "Mork"; and was enchanted by him in that role when I was a pre-teen. I have to say though, that my favorite role of his was as Parry in "The Fisher King". I won't be watching it anytime soon though, as it is a tearjerker at the best of times. Maybe Mrs. Doubtfire or Robots would be a cheerier choice. Fare thee well Robin.



Friday, August 1, 2014

Take My Picture!

"Mom, take my picture!" Me, laughing: " I can't Lila; you have an ant on your forehead!"

"An ant! Where? Is it gone?!?"

"Ha,ha,ha! Yes, you got it!"

"Okay....why is this so funny?"