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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best Laid Plans......

My good intentions to be a better blogger seem to have "gone to hell in a handbasket", as my Grandmother would have said. Though, really, there hasn't been a whole lot to say.

As you can see above, my work schedule has been rather sucky with many meetings and a few overnights away downstate the past month. The weather has been dismal as well....just when we finally broke fifty degrees last week, we went back down into the 30's and below with some solid precipitation in the form of the S-word. So, had I blogged you would all have suffered more of the driveling discontent you are hearing now. It has all been rather blah lately.

We did work up the enthusiasm to catch and change sheep suits on ten sheep this weekend and harvested the fiber from seven rabbits....with five more to go next weekend. I have a buyer for all of the fiber already; a lovely lady from Maine who spins it all into beautiful yarn. I need to get back to a knitting project to finish because I think I have found another one I want to start! :). I'm not a huge fan of UnFinished Objects (knitting UFO's) so will get my hands working to finish what I started first, which is a lacy red sweater like the cream one I knit for Lila. Below is the Bottom up beginning of a sleeve.

Sam turns 12 next month which is rather startling! Hopefully all the snow will be gone by then.....He actually has "Spring" on his birthday wish list.