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Friday, April 16, 2010

Rescued Rabbits

Iccarus, above, needed some serious help.  His hair was so matted to his legs and chest that I couldn't feel his bones beneath the hair.  He had to be shaved from his feet across his chest and down his other leg.  He took it all pretty well and is a very sweet boy. (I had to buff up on my Greek mythology to figure out his name)
Dalilah is a very sweet english doe, who looks much like our buck Blackberry Jellybean. Her fur wasn't in bad shape at all.  Both of them appear to be in very good health and are well socialized...they just didn't get groomed much.  Lila is thrilled that the name she came with is so similar to hers....  Both of thee pictures were taken when they were younger and no so, ahem, bald as they are now....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Small wheel for smallish people

In March Lila accompanied me to the Eweper's Spinners and Weavers meeting.  My friend Roberta brought her Ashford Joy Travelling wheel for us to try out.  It worked great for was the right height and she could keep the wheel going while drafting and she created some singles that look better than some first time adults turn at the wheel.  I was very proud of her.  This spurred my interest in the Joy and an internet search.  I found this wheel at the Spinners and Weavers and Knitters housecleaning pages
Very cool site.
The wheel that Lila tried was a double treadle, but I couldn't fine on that was "reasonably" priced so after doing some research opted for the single wheel because one of the reviews I read said that the double treadle was overkill on the joy since the wheel diameter was so small in the first place.  We haven't had an opportunity yet to show it to Lila, but Sam took a turn on it while she was at quilting class- he was pretty good too!  It will also come in handy for me to take to work and other places to work on projects...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

This is the crew that hunted for Easter Eggs at Grandma's house on Saturday.  Grandma looks the most excited I think!
Little Marilyn found some eggs....
Sam found some with help from Harbour Grace....
Here they are opening their booty.
Duncan has chocolate on his face already!
Uncle Tommy and Olivia...I cannot get this picture to rotate!

The Easter Bunny hid eggs and baskets at our house while we were gone also.


A visit to Great Lakes Pygora goat farm

Thursday we took a side trip on the way downstate to visit the Great Lakes Pygora goat farm.  That morning all the goats were to be shorn, but Allison graciously left Tea in fiber so we could see what her coat looked like. 
Poor was 85 degrees and she had on this warm silky coat and she still hadn't had her goatlings yet.  She looked fat, uncomfortable and miserable but she let us scratch her head anyway... a little bit.
There were all of these cute little things bouncing around and climbing on their mothers....
Aren't they just adorable????
The boys thought they were fun to pat, but they kept calling them lambs.
This blue eyed bottle fed Nigerian dwarf stole the show and thier hearts...she was super friendly.
"Hey, don't just sit there girly!  Give me some pats!!!"

What I didn't know was how far West Olive is from the Eastern Upper Peninsula.  I thought we'd be there in about 5 or 6 hours.  No.  Make that EIGHT hours.  Allison was very gracious about us being late.