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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry Ho Ho Ho!

We are working on a second batch of Christmas brunch mimosa's so feeling slightly buzzy.... :)

I told the boys up no earlier than 6:00 this morning, so at 6:02 they were down to get us up. We spent Christmas Eve at Dougette's house and had a wonderful time as usual. Dinners main dish was corned venison and it was delightful! Rachel's beau Orson made me the most incredible Bloody Mary so that I unabashedly asked for a second. It was SO tasty...ground black pepper floated on the top and there was a jalapeño stuffed olive, a pickled tarragon ramp/leek, and a dilly bean in the bottom for snacking on. I've never had a better one. Laurel made all the pickled goodies and they were delicious. Home by 10:45 in time to get the kids to bed since Santa was well on his way. Will and I made it to bed by 1:30. We will need naps.

Some loot highlights: Star Trek original series (Lila) (bad captain), Star Trek next gen (me!) (good captain!), the entire Simpsons series, Black Sheep knitting mysteries, Seaside Knitting mysteries, Legos, art supplies, DS games, Snow Tubes!, snow castle building molding blocks, books!, scotch, a splitting axe, hickory shirts, tea, cheese, kittie doors, the whole earth seed catalog, canned goods, beautiful native copper earrings, knitted hats, hoodie sweatshirts.....and eight inches of fluffy snow overnight.

We will have some family guests the next few days also that everyone is looking forward to seeing; uncle tommy and the cousins and grandma and grandpa. Wish we could beam in all those far flung MacKinnon's too. The prime rib is resting on the counter and there are other simple dinner preparations to be done in due time. Right now we are enjoying some lazy time after doing animal chores and picking up a bit. I think the best gift I had today was a big hug from Will. I can do without everything else, but those are essential.

Merry Christmas and Peace to you all friends.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Yule to all!

We've had a busy day here; we've made Rugelach (apricot and cinnamon/sugar/nut), Celtic creme (our Version of Irish cream), butter mints in three flavors, and lip balm.  Home made chicken noodle soup and Eggplant parmesan are thawing and will be supper soon.

The yule fire has been lit just now, whilst still daylight. I'll post a picture of it all ablaze in a bit.

Meanwhile, instead of sending out paper cards this year we decided to make you all an electronic one. 
 It is a little silly, but then I guess we are too.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Chicken Sweaters

I'm afraid this is a photoless post so I don't give away any Christmas/Yule surprises.

I started knitting some gifts a few weeks back and one of them was a hat for Sam. He had picked out the yarn a few months back and I was afraid he would recognize it when he saw me knitting with it. Of course, I started the hat and he saw it and wanted to know what I was knitting. At a loss for a good answer I told him "a chicken sweater, because it is going to get cold and some of the old chickens will need one".

Evidently he remembered that. His hat has been done for awhile, but I was working on another hat for a gift yesterday and he said "working on another chicken sweater, huh?" (And he is totally serious about this) Well......"yes!" I said.

So, here starts the beginning of one of those familial legends and hats will now forever be "chicken sweaters" in my mind.